Paul Stender has accepted Back Up Jumper Position

Paul Stender

Paul Stender

Several months ago we went searching for a back up jumper for the Snake River Canyon Jump. We must have someone in place in case something stupid happens to me as we know this gift of life is measured in seconds and know the “SHOW” must go on no matter what.

Paul was elated to share the news, “I’m honored that Ed has the confidence in me to be his back-up driver for this historic event. I‘m behind Ed 110% to complete this jump, but if he needs me, I’m there for him. My childhood hero was Evel Knievel and who could forget the Snake River Canyon Jump. I’m thrilled to have the chance to do this jump.”

Paul Stender is the definition of adrenaline junkie! A native of Big Bend, Wisconsin, Paul grew up in a racing family and started out at a young age racing motorcycles and snowmobiles. Soon after, he made the jump to high horsepower Outlaw Sprint Cars and Midgets. With his strong mechanical skills, Paul was recruited to work on many different Indy Car and NASCAR race teams. As exciting as that sounds, it just wasn’t the same as being behind the wheel. After seeing a jet funny car race at the local drag strip, Paul found his calling. He raced his first jet vehicle in 1995, the Jazz Jet Funny Car at speeds of nearly 300 MPH.

Not long after, he was building his own jet rides. The projects got more and more insane as the years went on. Paul has driven and built over 40 jet vehicles since 1995 including a jet snowmobile, jet motorcycle, numerous jet ATVs, a jet school bus, 400 MPH jet trucks – and the legendary seventy mile per hour Jet Powered Outhouse, which has been on TV shows around the world. Stender and his vehicles have been featured on Discovery Channel, the BBC, CNN, TLC and Speed Network, among others.

As any driver knows, he is only as good as his team. Paul’s crew chief for over six years is his wife, Therese Gabrielle Stender, who has her own need for extreme sports. Therese, a 6’3” former NCAA volleyball player and MCSA sailboat racer, travels the world with Paul to perform, along with their number one groupies, their two Great Danes named Saber and Atlas.

One of Paul’s next goal is beating the land speed record. He is in the process of converting a Cold War era Russian fighter jet into a land speed car that he hopes will reach speeds of close to 1000 MPH.

Twin Falls City Council has a lot of problems

The Twin Falls City Council with a vote of 5-2 voted to not allow us to do the Snake River Jump off Evel Knievels take off ramp.

City government of Twin Falls also failed to bring together city, county, state and neighboring jurisdictions to the table as they promised back in September of 2013.

A lot of things came out about the Evel hump as the City did a huge SLOPPY job of land trading back in 2012.   Come to find out (about 4 days prior to our supposedly contract signing) there is a covenant on the land the City traded for.   They were totally not prepared to honor a contract with us with the thought of that covenant that would have stopped us from using the land.  Thus we took the bullet by them not being able to do anything with us or anyone else.

We are charging forward to lease another spot of land that is in the county and is about 900 feet further across that canyon and within clear vision of the Evel Hump.

SEPT. 7th BIG ED BECKLEY will be flying off that canyon on a rocket assisted motorcycle!    




The Canyon


The Kids love Big Ed


Big Ed Beckley


Big Ed at the Take Off Ramp at the Canyon

Big Ed Beckley standing on top of the dirt mound that Evel Knievel used in 1974.
Ed on the top of the old Evel Knievel take off ramp.

Big Ed Beckley started jumping motorcycles ramp to ramp over cars in 1973. After seeing Evel Knievel jump at the Kansas State Fair in 1971, he knew that’s what he wanted to do. Big Ed’s career was illustrious starting out jumping in a town of 2,000 people to jumping in Madison Square Garden. He actually jumped at more stadiums and arena’s than Evel did. Beckley jumped in places like the Super Dome, Madison Square Garden, the Metro Dome, Kingdome, B.C. Place, Spectrum, 3 Rivers Stadium, Silver Dome, L.A. Coliseum, RFK Stadium, JFK Stadium, Busch Stadium, Reunion Arena, Capitol Centre, Casper Events Center, Metra Arena, Johnstown Arena and many more. Recently on April 6th, 2013 Big Ed broke the indoor World’s Record for jumping Semi Trucks indoors as he cleared 8 trucks inside the Holt Arena in Pocatello, Idaho.

Back January of 2012, he began the process of securing the land to recreate the Snake River Canyon Jump on the 40th anniversary of Evel’s attempt. This has been a long and trying experience to say the least.

Ed and his team met with City and State officials to start the ball rolling back in December 2012. Since that time, a highly qualified team has been assembled to work on the Jump of the Century project with him.

In September 2013, Ed Beckley (Beckley Media LLC) was the highest bidder in the land auction for a two year lease agreement with the State of Idaho and the Idaho Department of Lands. The winning bid – $943,000 plus $25,000 dollars a year for two years for the lease payment. The State of Idaho also will get percentages of TV deals, merchandise, ticket sales and other dollars brought in by the event. The best news is this money will go to help the Education fund and will help relieve a burden from the Idaho tax payer.

In November 2013, the City of Twin Falls issued and RFQ requesting additional details of the jump. The City scheduled and reviewed presentations on November 21st and with a vote of 5-2 Team Beckley was their first choice. Since that time Beckley Media LLC. team members including Rod Woodruff, and Jon Simmons have had plenty of meetings and spent countless hours to make sure we have done all we can to help the City of Twin Falls with this process.

Currently we are in the final stages of getting that agreement negotiated and hopefully we can finish all this red tape by the middle of January 2014 to make the 40th Evel Knievel Snake River Canyon Jump anniversary.

The City staff has been great to work with and we expect everything to go well.

We encourage you to check back often for updates as we watch the Jump of The Century progress!


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